Workshop: Accept or Decline the cookies? – Gender, Privacy and Data with African feminists

March 12th, 2022

Date:  Friday 18th of March 2022 (11:30 – 1PM CAT)

My Data Rights (Africa) is carrying out research to establish what action can be taken by feminist activists to respond to gender data concerns and for practitioners of privacy and data protection to be gender responsive?

Join our workshop designed to be a learning space to understand privacy, data and gender; how they connect; why it matters to the feminist community and why it is an issue for everyone. 

The objective of the workshop is to have this conversation in a “lay” understanding of how data and privacy impact our everyday lives, and engage participants in thinking through what resistance and resilience looks like. 


The workshop coordinators have put in place measures to limited disruptions and removal of disruptive participants. The space is meant to be safe welcoming all in their gender diversity. Rules of engagement will be shared with everyone as they engage in the space.

We are excited to be in conversation with:

Amanda Manyame

Amanda is a Digital Law and Rights Consultant working at the intersection of technology and law. She is a proponent of public interest technology and advocates for policy and regulatory development that creates an enabling environment for technological advancements that do not risk human rights. As a legal advisor, Amanda actively works with and engages civil society, tech companies, governments and policy influencers, at international, regional and national levels, to provide an understanding of the different considerations that influence tech policy and digital rights. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws degree in Information and Communications law.

Garnett Achieng

Garnett is a researcher and writer. She is a Data & Digital Rights Researcher at Pollicy. She is obsessed with internet cultures and conducts research in content moderation, online harms, the feminist internet, and platform governance. Garnett has a Global Challenges degree from the African Leadership University. She is a Tech & Public Policy fellow at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and sits in Facebook’s 2021 SSA Women’s Rights Working Group. 

Social media handles: @garnettachieng

Martha Chilongoshi

Martha Chilongoshi is a Feminist Communication for Development Consultant who believes that the best way to tackle today’s social challenges, is to create access to spaces for women and girls in addition to enhancing their ideas and abilities by providing the information needed to transform their roles in society. Her interest is primarily to document and highlight women’s spaces, initiatives and lived experiences in patriarchal and classist societies, through knowledge sharing and stimulating discussions that inspire social change using ICTs and Social Media. Her overall goal is to help improve access to leadership opportunities for women and contribute to the formulation and implementation of women-centred interventions in public policy and governance in Zambia and across Africa through research. Find her across all socials as @AfricasMartha

Kristophina Shilongo

Kristophina was formerly a Digital Media Practitioner at the central bank of Namibia. She led the implementation of the Bank’s first digital communication strategy, bridging economic policy and technology. Being at the center of the financial sector in Namibia as well as prior working experiences in the private sector has highlighted the need to critically examine the extent to which data is governed, shared, and used for public good. A cause which will be the focus of her work going forward. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the Namibia University of Science and Technology & a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences focusing on Data and Society.

Pelonomi Moiloa

Pelonomi is A Mail & Guardian top 200 Young South African 2019. Pelonomi has a BEngSc in Biomedical Engineering, BSc Eng in Electrical Engineering and an MSc Biomedical Engineering completed on the JICA scholarship in Japan with a specific focus on deep learning for a neurophysiology application. Pelonomi is currently a Data Scientist and Use Case Lead at Nedbank working on machine learning solutions within the Data Driven Intelligence team. A mentor for the Jeppe Ruth First Scholarship and Trustee of the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust, she spends her spare time advocating for responsible AI, running and teaching at the Code Kamoso coding academy, writing music and getting involved with community initiatives as a director of The Ungovernable NPC.

Moderated by Tinatswe Mhaka

Tinatswe (BA) (LLB) is an author, lawyer, feminist digital storyteller, and activist from Harare, Zimbabwe. Tinatswe is the founder of Feminist Voices Zimbabwe, an organization strengthening gender advocacy and access to justice through documentation and dissemination of information. Tinatswe is passionate about digital media and the mainstreaming of injustices prevalent against women in the global south. She has numerous publications related to the emancipation of women through law and policy. Tinatswe is the host of The Feminist Bar Podcast and is currently the Gender & Women’s Rights Fellow at Apolitical Foundation.