The team


Chenai Chair – Founder is a digital policy and gender expert with extensive experience in work that is focused on understanding the impact of technology in society in order to better public interest in policy. As a 2019/2020 Mozilla Tech Policy fellow, her project focuses on assessing the adequacy of data protection and privacy regulation in Africa. Keeping in line with her objectives as a feminist researcher, her work centres on gender and data justice perspectives.Chenai’s previous work has included research on ICT access and use issues from a youth perspective, net neutrality and zero rating and unpacking the gendered digital divide through a feminist perspective.


Mwara Gichanga – Program lead is a Public Interest Gender and Creative Technologist with experience in Research Design, Community Building, and Advocacy. She has extensive years of experience championing for technology and internet health for marganilized groups Her articulation to the digital space has been executed through projects focused on a gendered technology, inclusion, research, human centered design and safety as well building and growing communities of practice. She is a passionate storyteller working at the intersection of arts and technology using creative expression to humanize technology.

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