A feminist review of AI, privacy and data protection to enhance digital rights

Are we all equal in the eyes of AI? What are the opportunities and challenges for marginalised groups in Society with Artificial Intelligence? What control do we have over our data as personal information is collected, stored and processed in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What can be done to ensure social justice for marginalised communities? Through the eyes of a feminist, the intersections of Artificial intelligence, privacy and data protection are explored in the context of South Africa.The context of gendered marginalisation of women, gender diverse people and sexual minorities forms the basis of understanding the data concerns.  AI and gender; feminist methodology and policy are assessed from a feminist perspective to develop recommendations for gender responsive policy and regulations and action from the civil society for engagement on data rights. The project was made possible with funding from Mozilla as part of the 2019/2020 Tech Policy fellow award.


Thank you to everyone who supported this project through participation, ideation, design, support and joy in imagining an African Feminist Internet future.

Illustrations by Lisa Chivanga

Logo by Mdabuko Magdlela